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Comparison between Solar Streetlight and General Light System


1¡¢Simple installation without laying compex lines,only a cement base fixed with screws.
2¡¢No payment of electricity fee,the construction of solar street light is a one-time investment without any maintenance costs which will be recovered within 3 years and profitable in a long term .
3¡¢  No hidden danger in safey,as a safe DC current below 36V in voltage is adopted for the solar steetlight,and it is impossible to exist any safety problem.
4¡¢The main components of the solar steetlight-solar cell panel have a service life of 25-30 years,the super high brightness LED is more than 50,000 hours,the service life of the storage battery for solar energy is 3-4 years
5¡¢Green and eavironmental protection,which will add a new selling point to the development and promotion of the ecological commumity, and reduce management costs sustainable and also the cost shared by the owners.


1¡¢Installation and operating procedures complicated,need the laying of cables,the laying of cable trench excavation,underground pipe,threading pipe,a large number of backfill foundation engineering installation and debugging,and long time,the terrain and line requirements are compex,artificial and auxiliary materials costs are high;
2¡¢Electricity is expensive,city lights commonly used circuit 250W and 400W sodium,year-round use for electicity is also a lot of expenditure,but also long-term continuous on line and other configuration for maintenance or replacement,increasing maintenance costs;
3¡¢There are security risks,because the quality of construction,landscape engineering,material aning,irregular power supply,electric water pipeline conflict brings many hidden troubles of safety;
4¡¢The average service life of 4,city circuit lamp is about 10000 hours,and the service life is longer,the greater the degree of aging pipelines;
5¡¢A larger scale,related costs,circuit lamp mounted higher,the total invesstment will be much higher than the solar street lamps,in addition,cable theft losses can not be estimated.


The construction length of one street is 4,000m,134 streetlight are to be installed,the height of poles is 8m,the interval between
lights is 30m,the electric cable used is VV3x25+2x16 protected with sleeves externally and the service period is 10 years.

The basic conclusion drawn from the table above:
1¡¢On the product itself,the cost of solar lighting is higher than ordinary lamps.
2¡¢More fully described several advantages of solar lights:
Energy:photovoltaic solar provide power,inexhaustible;
Environmental protection:no pollution,no noise,no radiation;
Ssfety:no electric shock,fire and other accidents;
Convenient:simple installation,no wiring or disembowel,digging construction,there is no power brownouts concerns;
Long life:hihh-technology products,reliable intelligent control systems,quality;
High grade:Technology products,green energy,green image upgrabe,they upgrade;
Use widely:where there are places where sunshine can be used,especially for green lighting ang landscape effects,tourist attractions,upscale residential,industrial development zones,industrial and mining enterprises,universities,municipal road lihgting,municipal road reconstruction,new countryside,the mountains without electricity,rural roads and other lighting;
Solar street Benefit Analysis:After the one-time investment of roughiy equivalent to conventional street light construction funds,to once and for all,the use of inexhaustible, inexhaustible solar energy to provide reliable lighting,there are clear economic benefits.Cost recovery period of 3-5 years.
In short,a comprehensive comparison,solar lamps saving features of investment is quite obvious.

¡ñTo  prepare a best solar  lighting sysem scheme for you,what information are required to provide for me?

1¡¢ Detailed installation location,according to the local sunshine peak time,we will calculate the configuration of the solar lighting system for you
2¡¢ How many hours are the streetlight required to work each day(such as 5 or 10 hours each day)
3¡¢ When the rainy season coming,how many consecutive rainy days are required to be guaranteed to keep the streetlight working normally for your illumination(such as 3 or 4 days)
4¡¢ Height of lamp poles or width of roads
5¡¢ Brightness of streetlight required

¡ñ What is the sunshine peak time?

The sunshine peak time is referred to the unit strength of the sunlight reaching the earth per hour,on that basis of which we can analyze the climate and the weather.The time of the strongest intensity of the sunlight measured should be at noon within 3-4 hours (depending on the located region).The charging effect of the sunlight on the solar panels is the best (of coures,the hottest time in summer may perhaps be excluded).

¡ñHow to know when the solar streetlight should be turned on or turned off?

The controller we choose is anintelligent waterproof controller composed of a light controller and a time controller.With installed,no man-made control is needed,then the solar streetlight could be turned on or turned off on time.As the controller is equivalent to human heart.which is connected with the solar panel,storage battery and the light source.When it senses the battery voltage dropping down to the level set up,the controller issues and order to the light cource for lighting and,when the time we set up arrives(for example,10 hours),it will automatically turn off the light source.This is what we call the technology of intelligent light control switching-on and time control switching-off.Besides,there are multiple functions in this controller.Otherwise,it can prevent battery overcharge or overdischarge,so as not to cause any damage to the battery.

¡ñIf there are several consecutive rainy days , what shall we do ?Can it be working normally?

If there are several bad weather , cloudy or rainy days recently , never mind , because we have taken them into our consideration . When we made the scheme for you , we could make full preparations in advance that 3~5days decided by you . Since there are not regular and continuous overcast of rainy days, continuous lighting could be ensured . However, we usually recommend the consecutive overcast or rainy days , not to design following the individual time, because it will increase your costs a lot.

¡ñHow to maintain the solar system?

The solar system  from the visual sense does not require too much maintenance , this is where it¡¯s conduct a clean-up , in order to maintain its good illumination effect.

The composition of the solar street light

¡ñ Solar street light principle:

The solar modules absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy storde in the battery through the controller When night comes (or not enough sky brightness ) controller to control the battery to energy-efficient LED light source powered ambient lighting .

¡ñSolar street light is composed of :

Solar panels , batteries, solar controller , light source and light poles.